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white bedroom

By Inguna 
on 15.06.2017 11:44
Good sleeping is important for everyone, and it seems to me that beautiful beds to help and dreams comes more colorful . Looking for anything more than a dream I found the following information - whose fragments then quote:

The dream - it sounds sweet. But our dreams not always beautiful, like romantic movie scene worthy, because sometimes our relax sleeping get surprised by nightmares. Sigmund Freud once defined the dream as the royal road to the unconscious. Psychologist and psychotherapist Inara Leičenko, which specializes in the treatment of a dream to think that the dream of human self-expression and self-realization of sleep. "The dream is one of our existence basic rhythms. In nature, the seasons, the day and night, all people have their own rhythms, including sleep and vigil. And the fourth part consists of sleeping are dreams. A dream is all living human sub conscious - unmanifested, subconscious, and desires, problems and solutions, "says psychotherapist.

True, even the man every night sees even more of a dream, a large part of them, he does not remember. Why, is it still not clear. Statistics show that more than sixty percent of cases people remember the night to try nightmares than good dreams. "Unfortunately, our whole life, not only in dreams, is more focused on the poor, and not a pleasant remembrance," concludes Inara Leičenko.

Dream language is not logical numbers or word form. Dream people mainly speech symbols and images whose understanding of different people and nations may differ, so often dream books that offer night seen translations, is unable to provide the real answers. The dream may be a story, emotion, rises, and to understand and translate the fullest can only be the man himself.
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