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about us

                      OUR STORY   
We are for feelings. The scent of freshly mown grass, seashore, and your home. Good sleep and great relaxation. Fabric with which we fell in love with the first touch. It is made the very best raw materials in Italy, the country famous for its weaving traditions and skills. The heart of our collection is PERCALE fabric, which is subtle, sleek and crispy and gets better and better with every wash. We also love LINEN  with its nature of the northern character, softness, and warmth of which lies behind its slight roughness. Since 2013 ORGAMINT HOME creates natural and durable textiles. Care for nature, respect for the environment and a sense of pleasure are in every our product. Our basic value is a pure product, care in details and quality, harshness in technology and innovative approach to solutions, humanity, and honesty in every decisionGood and real things are everlasting. Values are clear, understandable and natural as a breath. Our dream and great faith are to make this feeling accessible to everyone. A little clean and true feeling to fill the place where you fall asleep in the evening in order to have a good rest until tomorrow. Small care to the environment around us makes this world better.


At present only then 2% of all bed linen is made of organic cotton. ORGAMINT HOME guarantees to its clients that our product is made without harm to people, animals, and environment. ORGAMINT HOME has obtained the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) approval mark. This means that all our business processes at home and aboard meet all the biological standards and good trade practices. Material qualities and manufacturing process are strictly controlled. We are following our values, however, the necessary materials are not always available, so we will try to make the entire production chain as transparent as possible in order to strengthen the trust in our product.

  • Our fabrics are suitable for people with allergies and babies.
  • We are convinced that durable textiles are a great investment.
  • We use technological solutions that increase durability by washing.
  • We create a comfortable and simple design